GOVIPOLA, the next step in the path to the future

Govipola marks the commencement of the journey of Croptronix Private Limited, envisioned to create the next big story in the Sri Lankan Agriculture arena.

The Govipola App creates a digital market that will allow Agriculture produce buyers and the sellers to advertise their products and to build up the network. The simple design will guide the user to post and view advertisements. This App will help farmers to make strategic decisions that helps to cultivate what consumers need. Furthermore, buyers are allowed to source the produce directly from the producer which provides our farmers with international exposure and access to wider markets.

The Govipola Mobile App is a bridge that creates the most effective link between the grower and the end user, enabling mutual engagement for of a seamless transaction.


Our trusted service

Our services aim to bring the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to support the transmission of localized information and services towards making farming socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, while contributing to the delivery of nutritious and economical food for all enabled by involvement in the promotion of Digital Agriculture.

Our Foresight

We are mindful of the future requirements of our stakeholders, and craft the solutions with a dedicated plan to deliver to each individual need of each individual partner.We will expand the service; all-over the island through mobile applications, bringing the service to all, using three languages.
The target is set – all transactions in the Sri Lankan Agri- food value chain and farming business, to be smoothened with better margins. It is with this goal in sight that we try to bring the Sri Lankan agriculture sector to the next stage through technology.